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New Single "Turn to Fire" Out Now

Yes Sir Noceur (YSN) / Gold Coast Band / Surf Psychedelic Blues Jazz Rock Music / NEW “EP" / Marc Cowie, Rory Switzer, Eliot Toll, Harry Toll


Marc Andre Gauvin

Artist Portfolio

Once you feel the emotion in the vocal lines and the way they blend with the guitar lines, this is the kind of music that will have you kicking back to on a stormy summer’s afternoon, watching lightning crack over the ocean.
— Max Higgins (AAA Backstage)
Surfers Paradise Live Promo shot Yes Sir Noceur
If Jim Morrison, The Beach Boys and Jimmy Page somehow defied everything we know about anatomy and physiology and made a lovechild, and that lovechild made music, it would sound a little bit like Marc.
— Jade Quinvalin (The Weekend Edition)

Accomplishments include prime television time on Channel 7’s Sunrise and ABC’s rage, had cameo appearances on Australian Surfing Life movies, received multiple award nominations and played countless gigs and festivals, all to high acclaim.


The new single Turn To Fire, released in September, saw the collaborations with Aquila Young. Soon after, travelling to Melbourne to perform at a Rolling Stone event.


You can download music via iTunes, call in to hear us on national radio, having been played and interviewed on ABC radio, Triple J, Brisbane's 4ZZZ and Rabit Raio. You can join fans on Spotify, which has accumulated over 90,000 listens.  To wet your appetite, watch our multiaward winning and most excellent music video for Voodoo here:


Live Performances

Bookings for local venuescorporate eventsweddings or private party, which includes PA system, speakers and performer's liability insurance (Duck for Cover Insurance). Enquire for booking availabilties.


“Marc Cowie proposes modern music inspired by traditional classics to modern artists in a dynamic session which effortlessly creates a mix of genre signatures. Spanning from soulful songwriting to reverb soaked surf music through to today’s interpretation of high energy, psychedelic and blues rock sounds.”


Drum, guitar and vocals. A variety of musical style can be accommodated with a range of musician combinations available for duos.


Music Lessons - GUitar - Vocals - Songwriting

Marc is a Professional Singer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist and Entertainer with a passion for teaching and learning. After studying an Advanced Diploma in Teaching at Griffith University, Marc has been recording and releasing music, touring both nationally and internationally, teaching singing, guitar and songwriting based out of Australia's Gold Coast. Marc specialises in Group Sessions, Solo Sessions and Performance Workshops. Helping to develop your own personal style, focusing on Technique, Vocal health and performance confidence while also expanding your musical knowledge and repertoire.

*House visits can be negotiated depending on booking availability and location

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Studio Musician & recording Production Hire


A variety of musicians are available to help work on your production and recording. Guitar, vocals, bass, harmonica, accordion, piano, synth, drums, mixing, mastering, engineering, etc. Please use the contact form below for enquiries and to best choose the candidate to help you on your project.

Q. What session fee or set rates should a session musician receive?

A. Although it may vary among states, the standard rate for a session musician is about $100 per hour. There is a minimum three-hour call, which means that even if you are only needed for 15 minutes, you are still entitled to $300. This rate can be reduced if you are a band member or a solo musician. There are other aspects that may also vary the rate, including provision of your own equipment, overtime, additional skill (playing more than one instrument), overtime, night rates, travel, transport, meals and accommodation. If you are overdubbing more than one track then the rate should increase by 25%. Rates are set by the Musician’s Union of Australia.

Q. Will I always be paid with a session flat fee?

A. There are rare instances where a session musician will be offered a portion of the future income from a recording, usually arising where the artist or band cannot afford to pay session rates. These deals can lead to exploitation on both sides. Having a clear contract drawn up by a good lawyer is essential for any artist or session musician making these kind of deals.

Q. Who classifies as a session musician?

A. A session musician is someone who comes on board to play during a “session” on stage or in the studio, but who is not part of the main act or band, or who makes a “one-off” contribution. When a session musician is hired there should be a written agreement in place that makes it clear that the musician is performing the capacity of a session musician and not as a member of the band or act. 


Marc Cowie

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